Congresso Nazionale AIDAP 2019

18-19 October 2019 – Garda (VR) Italy
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La terapia cognitivo comportamentale dei disturbi dell’alimentazione: ricerca, implementazione e disseminazione – 19 October

08:30-09:15 AM | Cognitive Behavior Therapy for eating disorders: past, present and future – Christopher Fairburn (Lectio Magistralis)
09:15-09:45 AM | La ricerca sui processi cognitivi nella terapia cognitivo comportamentale dei disturbi dell’alimentazione (CBT-E) – Simona Calugi
10:15-10:45 AM | Strategies to improve the dissemination of CBT-E: progress and problems – Rebecca Murphy
11:30-12:15 AM | Terapia cognitivo comportamentale dei disturbi dell’alimentazione nell’adolescenza (CBT-E): un trattamento sviluppato in Italia e raccomandato dalle lingue guida NICE – Riccardo Dalle Grave (Lectio magistrali)

Advanced CBT-E Clinical Workshop 2019

28th & 29th November 2019, Oxford
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A two day workshop for CBT-E practitioners

This workshop is primarily intended for those who have received basic training in CBT-E and have had experience implementing it.

  • CBT-E: Past, Present and Future
  • Using CBT-E with adult outpatients
  • Using CBT-E with younger patients
  • Using CBT-E in intensive settings
  • Using CBT-E in real world clinical settings
  • Maximising the availability of CBT-E

Case consultation will follow sessions. There will be presentations throughout from other experienced practitioners of CBT-E. Further details to be confirmed.


Cost: £250. Includes lunch and refreshments.
Venue: Richard Doll Building, University of Oxford, Roosevelt Drive, Oxford OX3 7LF

Please book early to avoid disappointment.

To book your place go to: CLICK HERE
For further details email:

New AED Special Interest Group

If you are a member of the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) then you may wish to join our new special interest group (SIG) which focuses on CBT for eating disorders.

SIG description: The CBT-ED SIG intends to be a network of clinical and research professionals focused on the implementation, development and evaluation of evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Eating Disorders. Our work is based on manualized treatment protocols both for adults and adolescents with eating disorders. The main goals of this SIG are to provide a community that (1) supports clinicians in implementing these evidence-based treatments for eating disorders in real-world clinical settings and (2) to support researchers conducting studies of CBT-ED. It will also enable professionals to come together to discuss ways to further refine CBT-ED and extend its use, as well as to identify areas of need for future research.

If you wish to find out more about AED and its membership, please follow the link below:

For information:

Advanced CBT-E Clinical Workshop 2020

Date for your diary!
13th-14th November 2020, Verona – Italy

We are pleased to announce the dates for the Advanced CBT-E Clinical Workshop 2020.

 Further details to follow