A.D.A (Association Eating Disorders)

  Via sansovino 16, 37138, Verona

Professional Role(s) and qualifications:
The equipe is composed by three physician: Riccardo Dalle Grave (Health director) , Enrico Patacca and Luca Montesi; four psychologists: Massimiliano Sartirana, Valeria Monti, Elisa Chignola, Cecilia Franchini; three dietitians: Laura De Kolitscher, Annachiara Manganotti, Laura Macrì and a physiotherapist Fabio Soave

Training in CBT-E:
All professionist attend website training in CBT-E and several workshop on CBT-E

Clinical Practice and Supervision:
We are interest in evidence based treatment, in research on outcome treatment, prevention eating disorder and obesity. we offer clinical supervision in CBT-E

Treating Obesity with Personalized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
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Terapia Cognitivo Comportamentale dei Disturbi Dell’alimentazione
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Il Trattamento ei Disturbi Dell’Alimentazione a Villa Garda
Riccardo Dalle Grave Positive Press Verona Il trattamento dei disturbi dell’alimentazione di Villa Garda, iniziato formalmente nel 1988, è stato sviluppato basandosi sui dati derivati dalla ricerca empirica. In…

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