Online Training in CBT-E

An online training programme is available for CBT-E, which describes and illustrates the treatment in great detail. It incorporates features to help trainees grasp key concepts and master the main procedures. The website is designed to be used while also reading relevant sections from the therapist’s guide “Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Eating Disorders”. The CBT-E training website is interactive in nature and includes an extensive “library” of acted illustrations of the treatment, something that is impossible to provide in conventional workshops.

The website has been developed by the Centre for Research on Eating Disorders at Oxford and its development has been funded by The Wellcome Trust.

The online training program in CBT-E is available to eligible therapists at no cost. Access to the training is funded by Health Education England in partnership with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Information Sheet – Web-Centred Training in Enhanced CBT (CBT-E) for Eating Disorders

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Introductory and Advanced Workshops

Introductory and advanced workshops on CBT-E are organised periodically. Please view the News and Events section for further information.

Background to Online Training in CBT-E

Training therapists in how to implement a specialised psychological treatment typically involves three components. The first is attending an introductory “workshop” given by an expert in the treatment concerned. This provides an overview of the intervention and its strategies and procedures. The second is the reading of written material describing the treatment (often referred to as a treatment “manual” or “guide”). The third involves supervision in implementing the treatment from someone proficient in it. The first and third components are not scalable, least of all in the global context. Few experts are available to give workshops and/or sufficiently experienced to provide supervision. New approaches to training are therefore required.

CBT-E has been the focus of a major research program on how to disseminate psychological treatments (funded by the Wellcome Trust). This has centred on whether it is possible to train therapists remotely via the internet. The result has been the development of a new form of training, described above, designed to be capable of training large numbers of geographically dispersed therapists simultaneously. The research on this form of training has shown it to be popular, effective and highly scalable. The website has been researched for use in two ways; either with no external input (independent training) or with encouragement from a non-specialist support worker (guided training). Interestingly, the independent and supported versions have proved to be equally effective.

Therapist Competence


The eMeasure of therapist competence in CBT-E is a scalable online measure with sound psychometric properties that was developed to assess training outcome. The measure consists of 22 items addressing trainee knowledge and understanding of CBT-E and its implementation (i.e. applied knowledge). The instrument generates a total score and trainees can be classified as scoring at or above the previously established cut-off point. Three versions of the measure are available so that different versions can be used on different assessment occasions.

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