Coskun Nihan

  Ankara, Turkey

Professional Role(s) and qualifications:
Psychiayrist and certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist of ‘Academy of Cognitive Therapy’. PhD student in Neuroscience Departmanı of Gazi University’. Chief Physician Assistant in Yozgat City Hospital’.

Training in CBT-E:
Self study and 10 hours of supervision from Aslıhan Donmez who is a trainer of ‘Academy of Cognitive Therapy’.

Clinical Practice and Supervision:
Interested in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Cognitive Therapy of Social Anxiety developed by David M.Clark and Adrian Wells, Baby Sleep Consulting, Helping parents with Behavioural issues of Childhood, E-CBT for eating disorders developed by Christopher Fairburn, CBT of obesity developed by Judith Beck.

Attachment and eating disorders, Treatment of PTSD, effects of witnessinng trauma in rats, Cognitive Behavioural Group Therapy for Weight loss.