Libunao-Geaney Victoria

  Tus Nua Therapy Center, Blackrock, Cork, Ireland
  +353861086866 – +353831127093 – (021)4371198

Professional Role(s) and qualifications:
Consultant Occupational Therapist (Mental Health)
Advanced Sensory Integration Practitioner

Training in CBT-E:
CBT-E Advanced Practitioner (in Practice since 2013)
Attended numerous CBT-E trainings and workshops.
Currently receiving professional supervision with Dr. Zafra Cooper.

Clinical Practice and Supervision:
I’m providing CBT-E for 13 years. I have received group supervision with other clinicians working in Eating Disorder Teams within the HSE. I intend to continue with my clinical supervision and provide clinical supervision for newly trained CBT-E therapists.

Sensory Processing differences in Adolescents and Adults with Eating Disorders