Libunao-Geaney Victoria

  South Lee MHS, HSE Cork Kerry Community Healthcare Cork, Ireland

Professional Role(s) and qualifications:
Senior Occupational Therapist in Mental Health

Training in CBT-E:
– Certificate Training in CBT-E with CREDO (2014-2015)
– Training Workshops with Dr. Chris Fairburn and Dr. Kristin Bohn (Dublin, Ireland Year 2016-2019)
– Received Group Supervision from Dr. Kristin Bohn (Year 2016-2018)
Ongoing Group Supervision with Dr. Zafra Cooper

Clinical Practice and Supervision:
– Mental Health OT
– CBT-E therapist
– Studying MSc in Sensory Integration with SIE and Sheffield Hallam University

Sensory Sensitivity, Sensory Processing in Eating Disorders