Linder Evelina

  Evelina Linder KBT

Professional Role(s) and qualifications:
Social worker/Licensed psychotherapist/supervisor and teacher in psychotherapy focus CBT

Training in CBT-E:
CBT-E workshop broad version, Mars 2016, Christopher Fairburn and Riccardo Dalle Grave, Oxford
CBT-E workshop, advanced course, Mars 2015, Christopher Fairburn, Oxford
CBT-E webcentred training, 2015, Christopher Fairburn, Credo, online
CBT-E workshop, October 2014, Christopher Fairburn, Stockholm, Sweden
CBT-E intensive workshop, september 2014, Riccardo Dalle Grave, Sollentuna, Sweden

Clinical Practice and Supervision:
I have been working in an eating disorder clinic, Capio Eating disorder Center, between 2002-2017. I have experience from inpatient treatment, daycare and outpatient treatment. In 2013 we started to implement CBT-E at the clinic and I was the project manager until 2017. 2018 I started my own clinic where I work with psychotherapy, supervision and training primarily in CBT-E.

Under the period between 2014-2017 I had supervision with Riccardo Dalle Grave in both the method of CBT-E and also in help to implement the method in the clinic. We have resumed the supervision under 2020.

Me and my colleague Erika Nyman Carlsson has written a transdiagnostic self-help book for eating disorder based on CBT-E adapted for Swedish conditions: “När det hälsosamma blir ohälsosamt” (“When the healthy becomes unhealthy”), Natur och kultur 2019.