Nicola Gilbert

  Brighton, UK

Professional Role(s) and qualifications:
Consultant Clinical Psychologist with BABCP accreditation

Training in CBT-E:
Over the years I have completed a wide variety of trainings and workshops to maintain my skills in delivering CBT-E alongside other NICE recommended evidence-based treatment approaches for those presenting with an eating disorder.

Clinical Practice and Supervision:
I have worked in specialist eating disorder services for over 10 years, with individuals presenting with with full range of severity and complexity.

I am BABCP accredited and regularly deliver supervision to those working in NHS settings and in the private sector on a group and individual basis.

I completed a PhD in 2004 and have over 7 publications in eating-related areas. The institutions I was affiliated with include the university of Birmingham, South London and Maudsley Foundation Trust and Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.