Scicluna Dorothy

  The Waterlily Psychology Centre, Malta
  +356 9982 4964

Professional Role(s) and qualifications:
My profession:
Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Management of Centre
Author of the Level 7 Post Graduate Certificate in Eating Disorders
Others: Counsellor and Dance Therapist

Training in CBT-E:
2012 Online CBT-E training CREDOXFORD

2022 for the Counsellor

Clinical Practice and Supervision:
I have trained at the Department of Neurological Sciences and Psychiatry at the University of Padova, Italy where I subspecialised in the treatment of eating disorders.
Clinical interests: eating disorders, obesity, and related issues.
Psychotherapy and well-being consultancy.
Development of an online tool to handle abnormal eating habits (in progress)
Course creator – Level 7 Post Graduate Certificate in the Psychology of Eating Disorders and Obesity approved by the National Commission for Higher Education.
I offer supervision.

Research interest: emotional awareness and overeating
We have the highest obesity rates in Malta when compared to other European countries