Wehbe Chidiac Carole

  Community Medical Center, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Professional Role(s) and qualifications:
I am medical advisor of Middle East eating disorders since 2013.
I have done general training for eating disorders mainly FBT focused until I started practicing CBTE as the medical doctor of the eating disorders unit at American center of psychiatry and neurology. I played an important role in training members of this unit about physiology and medical complications of eating disorders to be used in the psychoeducation.
I have my own clinic in Sharjah, Community Medical Center, where I had to do the whole treatment on my own, I had many success story with binge eating, and couple of success stories in anorexia. I am a Family Medicine Specialist basically trained to cover 85% of patients complaints. And since more than 50% of our consultations are psychology related, I had a training in motivational interviewing, acceptance and commitment therapy and Mindfulness based CBT. I worked with amazing psychologists like Carine El Khazen and Maya Sidani, dietitians Hala Abu Taha and Carina Khoury (Carine had her first training with me before joining ACPN).
I have been a speaker in ICED in 2020 and I am on the scientific committee of iced 2022.
Since I cannot be full time in ACPN, I trained family physician Dr Saria El Hashem before she start attending MEEDA training.
I published 2 articles about ED, conducted many conferences and workshops in schools for students, parents, teachers and counselors and I am very active on social media about the topic. I am almost done with a post graduate diploma in exercise and sports medicines to bring science to fitness, and I have finally succeeded in presenting in 3 family Medicine events and one nutrition events, with the purpose of bridging the gap between ED professionals and Obesity professionals.
I completed inline CBTE course and 2 years supervision by Dr Riccardo Dalle Grave

Training in CBT-E:
Master Practitioner foe eating disorders (BPS accredited)

Clinical Practice and Supervision:
I have been seeing patients with ED for more than 20 years. Failing them despite my good intentions as well as failing to help people lose weight got me involved in MEEDA and along with MRs Carine El Khazen, who was working for me then at General Medical Center, Dubai, we started this amazing adventure.
Training the Eating Disorder Unit of ACPN was a great experience and the recent training of American University of Lebanon was a great honor

Update on the medical complications of Anorexia Nervosa. Curr Op Ped 2019
Commentary of the PCOS guidelines. Italian journal of eating disorders and obesity
Working on “weight stigma in healthcare. A review” and on a book about weight stigma in the Arab world based on my patients thousand stories, with literature review.