Langdon-Daly Jasmin

  Bristol, UK

Clients seen:
In my private practice I offer comprehensive assessment, psychological formulation and evidence based interventions including CBT-E to adults affected by eating disorders. I see people experiencing a full range of eating disorders and difficulties but am particularly experienced with anorexia/ restrictive eating disorders and bulimia/ binge compensate difficulties. I also offer support with other difficulties, in particular anxiety and self criticism, using a range of approaches including CBT, compassion focussed therapies and narrative/systemic therapies.

Professional Training:
HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist PYL33519
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology UCL 2016

Training in CBT-E:
CREDO Online CBT-E Training, Face-to-face workshop

Face-to-face workshop:
CREDO online 2016
Sam Clark Stone 2 Day Workshop January 2022 Somerset