Ana Raluca Chișcu

  Bucharest, Romania
  +40726 191 822

Clients seen:
Private Practice
Children, adolescents and adults
Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder and ARFID

Professional Training:
Psychologist and cognitive-behavioral therapist (registration number – 06012)
CBT Supervisor
Member of The Romanian Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy
Member of Academy for Eating Disorders

Training in CBT-E:
CREDO Online CBT-E Training, Face-to-face workshop

Face-to-face workshop:
CBT in Eating Disorders, 2019, Bucharest (Dr. Riccardo Dalle Grave)
CBT for Binge Eating Disorder: A Case Example (Beck Institute, online)
CBT for Anorexia: A Case Example (Beck Institute, online)
ICED 2020 (Academy for Eating Disorders, online)
ICED 2021 (Academy for Eating Disorders, online)
Using Exposure and Response Prevention in Eating Disorders Treatment (Reasons Eating Disorder Center, online)
Core Course 1 – Overview of Eating Disorders (IAEDP Foundation, online)