Coto Carlos

  +41 79 859 10 50

Clients seen:
Adolescents and Adults with:
– Anxiety and/or Eating Disorders
– Cancer
– Chronic Pain

Professional Training:
I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist from El Salvador, Central America, currently living in Switzerland with my Swiss wife and kids, and going through the paperwork needed to practice with Federal Diplomas.

Trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Enhanced from Webcentered based training CREDO-OXFORD.
I was a Psychology Professor in El Salvador for 12 years, and worked in Private practice since 2005.
I am also a Certified Field Traumatologist, and I’m finishing up with completing the Certified Traumatologist, with Traumatology Institute of Puerto Rico, and Green Cross Traumatology Academy. Meridian Energy Therapist Practitioner, and Certified Ericksonian Hynotist.

Training in CBT-E:
CREDO Online CBT-E Training