Dalton Melanie


Clients seen:
I work as the clinical lead of the CBT-E team of the CHQ child and youth mental health service (CYMHS) which is a public system, and also in private practice where I see adults with eating disorders using CBT-E.

Professional Training:
I am a clinical psychologist, who trained as an undergraduate psychology student at the University of Western Ontario (CANADA) and completed postgraduate training with a masters of clinical psychology at the University of Queensland (AUSTRALIA). I have undertaken CBT-E training on several occasions including master classes by Prof Fairburn and Dr Anthea Fursland. I have received supervision for the past four years by Dr Riccardo Dalle Grave in the context of working in the public health system in Queensland.

Training in CBT-E:
CREDO Online CBT-E Training, Face-to-face workshop

Face-to-face workshop:
Two Day Workshop – Professor Christopher Fairburn, Brisbane 2007
Masterclass in CBT-E – Fairburn 2017 (Yarra Valley, Victoria)
Masterclass in CBT-E – Dr Anthea Fursland (Brisbane, 2021)