Hagen Benny

  Oslo, Norway

Clients seen:
I work privately with outpatient CBT-E, mostly with adult patients, with all diagnoses.

Professional Training:
Clinical Psychologist

Training in CBT-E:

  • CREDO Online CBT-E Training
  • Face-to-face workshop:
    – Two workshops with Dr. Christopher Fairburn (Oslo, 2011 and one some years later), one workshop with Dr. Riccardo Dalle Grave (2016).
  • Other:
    – Regular supervision with Dr. Dalle Grave from 2013-2016.
    – Worked with outpatient and Intensiv Outpatient CBT-E. Held workshops and supervision in
    CBT-E from 2010 and have trained CBT-E therapists. I have developed an Education Center in Oslo, Norway, entirely based on CBT-E.