Goldhamer Lauren

  300 John Street, suite 605 Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

Professional Role(s) and qualifications:
I am a private practice psychotherapist. I have a Masters in Education in Applied Psychology (counseling) and am a Registered Psychotherapist in the province of Ontario.

Training in CBT-E:
I have done the CBT-E web based training and attended the Advanced CBT-E Workshop in Oxford, November 2019.

Clinical Practice and Supervision:
I work with clients on an individual outpatient basis who present with a range of eating disorders. I also occasionally run support groups through a community support program. I have worked with eating disorder clients since 1996 and previously worked as a clinical therapist in residential and day treatment. Although I recently took the web-based CBT-E training, I have been using the Fairburn manual as a guide to treatment for many years.
I am currently looking for other practitioners to start an online peer supervision group focussing on increasing proficiency and becoming more adherent to the CBT-E model. If others are interested, please contact me.