Myriounis Manthos

  Athens, Greece  ​

Clients seen:
private practice
Psychotherapy Lab #ANALYSETO

Professional Training:
Manthos Myriounis is a Psychologist, Psychotherapist and after completing the basic degree in Psychology at the Universities of Belgrade and Ioannina, he retrained in Family Therapy and Couples Therapy (Athens Group Analysis Institute) and Psychodrama (Athens Psychodrama Institute) acquiring the status of Psychoanalyst and Group Psychotherapist.

Hostof further education and training accompany his professional identity, giving him quality but also broadly framing his view of man and his passions in his conscious and unconscious becoming as well as in the way he himself caresa and perceives the innermost soulsit becomes them .
-Counseling and Life Coaching (Aegean)
-Child Psychology-Child Psychiatry (University of the Aegean)
-Training of leaders for the staffing of international and national Non-Profit Organizations and organizations providing humanitarian
medical-Psychological assistance with an emphasis on migration flows, poverty, crisis management and environmental issues(University
of the Aegean)
-Human Rights (Athens Bar Association)
-Special Education and Disability and the ways of dealing with, managing and treating themselves and their familiess.(University of Western Macedonia, PTDE Ioannina,Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
-Introduction to the Synthetic Model of Healing (The Tree of Healing)
-Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy by Irvin Yalom and Relational Group Dynamics (Institute of Relational and Group Psychotherapy)
-Introduction to Psychopathology (KEDIVIM)
-Sexual Health Issues for Everyone (Hellenic Society of Sexology and Interracial Relations)
-Adult Education (University of the Aegean).

Seminar-type trainings
– “Creative activities for children”.
– “Introduction to group dynamics and psychodrama A.P.K.”
– “Introduction to psychological evaluation” APSK
– “Introduction to family dynamics” APSK
– “Introduction to the ideological and political aspects of psychiatry and psychotherapy” APSK
– “Learning Greek Sign Language” (N.E.L.E. Ioannina)
– “Psychodrama and social therapy” A.P.K. Janina.
– “The Future of Psychotherapy”
– “NOT. attention-hyperactivity disorder”
– Psychodrama and the interpretation of dreams with Ms Marcia Karp (I.P.K.).
– “Physical and mental health” (K.E. Enilikon).
– Psychosis in modern societies, diagnosis and methods of treatment”★ “when art heals, healing becomes art” (TACT HELLAS)
– “Investing in mental health” (Psychiatric Clinic of Ioannina and P.G.N.I.)★ “Family law for social scientists and other scientists”
– “Aspects of the refugee phenomenon (ERP)Seminarian
– Education teachers in distance education methodology (IEP, EAP)
– “Introduction to Social Science Research Methodology”
– “Personality disorders”,
– “Communication within the relationship”,
– “Crisis management”,
– “The psychology of sexuality”.
– ”Integrated information system of information support of the project of the E.P.E.P.
– “Intercultural mediator for the development of the skills of immigrants and refugees in matters of social services, counseling” (EAP, K.E.K. Dimitra).
– Youth Worker through Erasmus+: “Let’s start: Sports against Radicalization”.

His work history includes
Done-year offer to public structures of the Ministry of Health (Help at Home), the OAED (consulting psychologist), the Ministry of Labor &
Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance (psychologist).
Tenure in the Directorate of the Educational Programs of Mental Health and Psychotherapy with CBT-E at Id.IEK-COINSEP ORBIS ANIMA-Self-awareness cycle of Life.
Member of the working group of the research project: “For the education of Roma children” (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).
External partner and supervisory member of the interdisciplinary team at the Model Center for Speech Therapy and Special Education “LOGOPOIISI”
In an integration program for the support, development and operation of social enterprises with socially and work-excluded people by creating a social enterprise store with organic products (EQUAL Community Initiative)

Conferences with presentations:

– International Interdisciplinary Conference on Special Education and Special Therapies:The contribution of modern approaches from the Child to the Adult: “The game and its importance in the professionalorientation and the choice of profession for the disabled”
– Counseling/Coaching/Mediation and Facilitation: Bridging the Gaps forAlways showing his heightened emotional perception as well as his particular look at the socially isolated and work-excluded groups of people, he opposes the phenomena of stigmatization, supporting the diversity of everyone as the creator and the only source of human beauty!a new Crisis Counseling on:
“The FamilyThe Relief”.
(University of the Aegean, Mental and Community Health Programs of the University of the Aegean
– Scientific Conference on Child Psychology of the Mental and Community Health Programs of the University of the Aegean, in collaboration with the Sotiria Hospital, the Education Office of the Greek Embassy in Brussels and the Aegean College: Research and Innovation in Child Psychology and Child Psychiatry/Interdisciplinary Approaches and Perspectives on the subject: “The beneficial and therapeutic effect of visual psychotherapy on children with disabilities”
– World Conference of Family Therapy for the modern trends of Family Therapy with participation in the preparation and presentation group of the APSK with the theme:Many times he has voluntarily offered therapeutic and educational work in mental health structures (SOFPSY) and has been elected to administrative positions of these organizations (G.G. KOINSEP) since he has a very good and sympathetic relationship with the majority of beneficiaries.

Sinceeight years has maintained a private office, first in Ioannina and the last three in Athens, while at the same time collaborating on a long-term basis with the University of the Aegean and theassistant professorthe Efstratio Papanias a lecturer, in informative and educational events and seminar-type trainings in the Mental and Community Health Programs ofUniversity of the Aegean.
*Member ofIARPP New York , International Association of Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy IARPP New York
* Member of AGPA, American Group Psychotherapy Association